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Salem Christian Church
About our Church 
Church Mission
Church Mission
Salem Christian Church strives to restore the people's relationship with Jesus Christ by sharing the Good News (2 Corinthians 5:18-21).

Five characteristics of a restored person, they:

Glorify God through authentic worship.

Relate together in biblical community.

Apply God's truth through discipleship.

Cultivate a lifestyle of service.

Expand God's Kingdom through evangelism. 

We strive to ENCOURAGE hearts, ENRICH minds, and EMPOWER the spirit of people to become all they can be in Christ Jesus.
Church Vision
Church Vision

The Seven I Am Statements of Salem Christian Church

I am Salem Christian Church 

I am a Beacon of Hope for the Nations 

I am United together with The Believers of Christ (God’s Beloved Family) 

I am encouraged to move from a Religious experience to a personal relationship with Christ 

I am enriched to live by Faith to Seek God’s Kingdom and Righteousness 

I am empowered to make a difference in the place God has planted me 

I am the Salt of the Earth and the Light of the World (Matthew 5:13-16

Salem Christian Church is a beacon of hope for all nations, united together as the Body of Christ (God's Family), encouraging believers to "Move from a Religious Experience to a personal relationship with Christ; empowering the believers to live by faith to seek God's Kingdom, that they may influence and make a difference in the world (MATTHEW 5:13-16).

Salem Christian Church's sole purpose for existence is to bring glory to God by "Reaching the world for Christ". We envision a church that shares the Good News (Gospel) to Recruit Unbelievers, Teach Believers, and Transform Leaders for service. This vision is accomplished through energetic praise, authentic worship, the ministry of the Word in Spirit and Truth, purpose-driven ministries, and missions.

Salem Christian Church Association is a leadership organization designed to reach the world for Christ by establishing churches, organizations, and ministries to serve people's personal, educational, and spiritual needs. We desire to work with integrity, consistency, and loyalty to reach the world for Christ.



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